martes, 3 de enero de 2012

Participate in this blog even if you're not a spanish-speaker

I'd love to make a bilingual blog because I think things that may be interesting to my students could be interesting for anyone in the world. 

Music is an universal language who provides interesting and pure ways to communicate and make people feel better. There are many disciplines who uses Music as a therapeutic tool, f.i. Musictherapy. And most of the Arts (dancing, cinema, theater, painting) recreate atmospheres thanks to us, musicians.

Anyway, it seems difficult to rewrite things all the time in two different languages. However, from time to time, I´ll try. 

That's why if you are a non-spanish speaker and you want to participate in my challenges (RETOS), just writte a comment and I'll translate it to you. I can read english, french, and I'll use google translator for the rest. :)

We belong to a huge planet and we should be able to share. I invite you to be a part of this family. Don't let the language being a barrier, just a little stone on the way, that you can easily remove.

 Welcome again to your blog. :)

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